Jenny Foss is a brilliant career consultant who, has written several how-to manuals for job seekers. In addition, Jenny has produced an intensive weekend resume course. She offers a free online video on how to create a dynamite cover letter. You can access her materials by clicking on the link on this home page.

Neal Griebling knows.

He knows people.  He knows what makes people happy and satisfied in their professional and personal lives.  And he knows how to help people reach inside to reach up to that level of happiness and satisfaction.

Through his complementary websites – Pittsburgh Career Coach and Future Design Studio – Neal offers a unique blending of personal counseling, professional networking, and holistic engagement that brings his clients to a new and higher plateau of peace, contentment, and fulfillment.  Because when it comes to improving the lives of his clients, there’s one thing everyone agrees upon.

Neal Griebling knows.

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Encouraging Signs

The latest national jobs report provides real hope for job seekers. The last quarter for which figures are available saw an increase of more than 250,000. This news, coupled with other favorable economic indicators clearly showed a job market on the rise.

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Why Do People Quit Their Jobs?

The conventional wisdom has it that many employees leave their jobs to improve their work-life balance. Not so much.

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Why Most People Hate Their Jobs

Fast Company posted a new report by Gallup that shines new light on why most people are not engaged with their jobs.

Do you love your job? If not, you are a member of the majority. Gallop reports that 55 percent of those polled report they are indifferent when performing their roles in the current job.

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Well I told you so.

Steve Ratner is a respected economist. In a January 3rd article  for the New York Times he charts the challenges facing the President Elect. It’s fascinating reading.

On a surface level the indicators are positive. According to Ratner, unemployment is down to 4.6 percent. The economy has expanded 15 percent, the stock market has nearly tripled and the federal deficit has been cut in more than half.

Beneath the surface, however, are daunting challenges. In 2016, manufacturing jobs dropped by 60,000. Real wages in manufacturing jobs in Michigan have decreased from $28 per hour in 2003 to $20 now. Automation and our outsourcing of manufacturing jobs are the primary culprits.

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Have Our Presidential Candidates Addressed Long-Term Unemployment?

The beltway pundits are all abuzz with the good news concerning our economy and, in particular, the trending unemployment numbers for the current year. Statistical unemployment has steadily gone down to its present 4.9%.

However, to those who have grazed on this website know that I have consistently taken issue with those who have convinced themselves that all is well with the national economy, that we are finally emerging from the Great Recession.

The fly in the ointment is the great number of individuals who are plagued with long-term employment. These mid-life people with high-level skills who have been downsized, who have applied for many jobs but have not found success.

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Preparation – a Necessary Addition to the 5Ps!

Chris Kuselius is founder/CEO of Career Team. His company’s mission is helping diverse audiences fashion successful careers. In this recent series of posts, I’ve been using his 5 Ps model as a template. The 5 P’s are:

  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Power
  • Profit
  • Peace of Mind

I’ve added a “P” of my own: Preparation.

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Mindfulness Video

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Looking for That New Job? What’s Your Purpose?

Creating a design for your career path goes beyond looking for a job. A career design is a road map to go beyond getting a job. You may have many jobs in your life and you may even have different careers. So you need to create a vision of your life and career from this moment forward. To build your design, you must ask yourself “deeper” questions. Have you done this?

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A Comprehensive Approach to Preparing Job Seekers

Second in an Ongoing Series

Well, from my recent experience, Donald Trump is dead wrong about immigrants. For the past three weeks I’ve been leading a career workshop for a group of immigrants at the Jewish Family and Children Services [JFCS]. The workshop is a partnership between JFCS, Career Team and the Workplace. Career Team has created the manual, online videos, and MP3 audio lectures. The WorkPlace holds contracts with government agencies to implement the model in various cities across the nation. The model is call Platform to Employment [P2E]. The Pittsburgh workshop is a pilot to test the model with immigrants.

Here’s why The Donald doesn’t have a clue:

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How Do You Discover Your Passion?

Discovering your passion is so important for job seekers. Passion provides the energy we need to create our vision for securing a job we love. Without passion, we have no incentive to move forward. Without passion, we cannot succeed.

If my clients cannot feel passionate about anything, I sense they are deeply depressed and I urge them to contact their physician and explore whether therapy and/or medication might be beneficial.

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